| September 18, 2023 |

Epiphone 150th Anniversary Guitar Demo: Crestwood, Wilshire, Sheraton, and Zephyr

See the full range in action on the Gibson Gear Guide


It’s time to don a celebratory cap and join Epiphone in their amazing 150-year journey toward manufacturing more luxurious and desirable professional instruments for every stage of your career. From humble beginnings in 1873 as a small luthier workshop in Smyrna, Ottoman Empire, through a transformation into one of the world’s leading guitar brands, Epiphone stands ready to serve novices and legends alike. 

In this official demo and guide to the Epiphone 150th Anniversary guitars, Dinesh gives us a complete Gibson Gear Guide rundown and playthrough of all the specs, features, and key differences of these limited edition Epiphone electric guitars. We also get insight into which guitar would be considered “better” for a certain type of player, whether you prefer jazz, shoegaze, indie, rock, country, or rockabilly. But again, this is just an opinion—play whatever you love!

Watch as Dinesh plays through each guitar, highlighting the key sonic differences between the Epiphone Crestwood and Wilshire, as well as the differences between the Epiphone Sheraton and the Zephyr, isolating each pickup configuration and playing through a range of different tones. Learn which types of pickups come installed, which of the 150th Anniversary Epiphone guitars come with a hardshell case, and which guitars might be “best” for your playing style. 

Dinesh also provides a brief history of the Epiphone models, what makes these limited edition Epiphone guitars so revered, and why they are getting the reissue treatment for 2023 with some added facts and trivia that guitar gearheads (like us) love to geek out on.

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