| July 26, 2023 |

Emily Wolfe Talks Signature Sheratons, Pedalboard Builds, and More

The Epiphone signature artist sits down for a new interview with the Gibson Gear Guide

Emily Wolfe Gibson Gear Guide

In this exclusive interview with Emily Wolfe on the new Gibson Gear Guide, Dinesh sits down with the talented singer, songwriter, and guitar hero discussing how she gets her signature sound, how the combination of fuzz, overdrive, tremolo, and delay pedals are her go-to options when building a song, and how the EQ pedal is both her secret ingredient and most important pedal. 

We talk about Emily’s incredible journey as a musician, how she started playing the guitar, and how influences such as Queens of the Stone Age, B.B. King, and Jewel helped her develop her unique playing and songwriting style.

Emily also shares tips on how to find the right musicians for your band and how session musicians have a better chance of being invited back to play with artists when they serve the song. In addition, Emily unboxes her signature 2023 Emily Wolfe Epiphone “White Wolfe” Sheraton model in Aged Bone White and makes a custom embellishment to the guitar that someone, somewhere in the world, will receive.

We also test how well Emily knows her pedals with our blindfold test. Did she know the difference between fuzz, overdrive, and distortion? Find out!

Explore Emily’s Signature “White Wolfe” Sheraton and the Emily Wolfe Sheraton Stealth.