Serj Tankian AF Single cover art
| May 17, 2024 |

Serj Tankian’s New Single “A.F. Day” Out Now on Gibson Records

A new EP entitled “Foundations” debuts in the fall of 2024

Today is the day. We are excited to announce the newest release on Gibson Records from Serj Tankian—singer, poet, songwriter, visual artist, film producer, activist, and lead singer and lyricist for the GRAMMY® Award-winning band System Of A Down. Serj’s new single and video, “A.F. Day,” represents his relentless creativity: experience and order “A.F. Day” here.

Speaking about the new track, Serj Tankian says, “This is a song I wrote in the early days of SOAD that I never released. The majority of the instrumentation and vocals are recordings from that time. Dystopian in mood, it’s a reflection of the angst and anti-authoritarian attitude I had to conformity.”

The new single and forthcoming EP kick off a massive year for Serj Tankian, which will see him release his debut memoir “Down With the System” via Hachette Books on May 14. Book events will take place in New York City and Brooklyn at Barnes and Noble-Union Square (May 14) and at Powerhouse Arena (May 15), and in Los Angeles at Barnes and Noble-The Grove (May 21) and at Book Soup (May 24).

On August 17, Serj will perform with System Of A Down for a headlining, sold-out show at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA. Expect more news soon regarding Serj Tankian’s EP release entitled “Foundations,” coming in the fall of 2024. Tankian recently contributed vocal efforts and an original painting to the first single from the Gibson Band in support of relief efforts for Armenia.

Image: Serj Tankian’s debut memoir, “Down With the System” from Hachette Books

Tankian’s distinctive voice and dynamic vocal range have become synonymous with System Of A Down’s sound, which is characterized by its intense, politically charged lyrics and innovative melding of genres. As a child, Tankian immigrated to Los Angeles with his Armenian family from Lebanon, shaped by a diverse cultural background, fostering a deep passion for music and activism. He co-founded System Of A Down in 1994, and the band quickly rose to fame with their explosive debut album in 1998, paving the way for a new wave of metal music.

An outspoken activist, he uses his platform to raise awareness and effect change, embodying the role of an artist as a catalyst for social transformation. Tankian remains a vital voice in the music industry and global activism, continually pushing artistic and ethical boundaries.

Explore Gibson Records for more information, and check out Serj’s website.