Gibson Custom ES-355 Reissue, Diamond F-Holes
| February 15, 2024 |

11 New Gibson Guitars Unveiled, Including Exclusive Finishes and Gibson Custom Creations

From sparkle finishes to Murphy Lab aging and a new color for the Les Paul Modern Lite, there’s something here for every Gibson fan

We’ve got a lot of news for you, so buckle up. Let’s start with the belles of the ball—it hardly seems possible that a Gibson ES-355 could be made even more eye-catching than it is already, but the new 1959 ES-355 Reissue, Diamond F-Holes model from Gibson Custom dazzles further with its diamond-shaped f-holes, and Silver Sparkle Heavy Flake Gloss and Gold Sparkle Heavy Flake Gloss finishes.

Guaranteed to turn heads, other features of the 1959 ES-355 Reissue, Diamond F-Holes model include a luxurious ebony fretboard graced with mother-of-pearl block inlays and 22 medium jumbo frets.

Among a raft of new models, the belles of the ball are the 1959 ES-355 Reissue, Diamond F-Holes models in Silver and Gold sparkle finishes

The classic Gibson headstock is embellished with a split diamond inlay and surrounded by multi-ply binding, while unpotted Custombuckers bring beautiful vintage-style humbucking tones to the table. Completing this exquisite package is a vintage-inspired brown and pink 50s-style Lifton™ hardshell case.

That’s not all we have for you by a long shot, however. Discover the latest treasures in the expanded Gibson Custom Murphy Lab Collection, where iconic classics are reborn with an irresistible twist and a new color for the irrepressible Gibson Les Paul Modern Lite. Be sure to check out the links below for many more details and photos.

Gibson Custom 1957 Les Paul Junior Single Cut, Vintage Sunburst, Murphy Lab Heavy Aged

This Les Paul™ Junior combines the coveted, worn-in look of a heavily played vintage instrument with the reliability and readiness of brand-new components, ensuring it’s prepared to deliver decades of rock without the usual vintage guitar maintenance concerns. It features a 50s Rounded Medium C neck, extensive Murphy Lab Heavy Aging for authentic wear, and a simple yet effective wiring setup with a single Dogear P-90, all kept safe in a Lifton Historic “Gator Skin” hardshell case.

Gibson Custom 1958 Les Paul Junior Double Cut, TV Yellow, Murphy Lab Heavy Aged

In 1958, Gibson introduced the iconic double-cutaway Les Paul Junior, now revered by hard rock musicians for its easy upper fret access and robust single-pickup tone; the Murphy Lab’s first Heavy Aged TV Yellow iteration enhances this legacy. This model features a 50s Rounded Medium C neck, nylon nut, single-ply tortoiseshell celluloid pickguard, and a black Dogear P-90, all contributing to its authentic vibe, complemented by a Lifton Historic “Gator Skin” Hardshell Case.

Gibson Custom 1964 ES-335 Reissue, Vintage Burst, Bigsby, Custom Made Plate, Murphy Lab Light Aged

Discover the unique charm of this ES-335 with its “Custom Made” plaque and Bigsby®, a guitar brimming with character that beckons for daily play. This Light Aged Vintage Burst model, the first sunburst ES-335 to receive the Murphy Lab treatment, delivers a vintage feel with a medium C-shaped neck, small block inlays, and vintage-style electronics, all wrapped up in a Lifton black and yellow hardshell case.

Gibson Custom 1964 ES-335 Reissue, 60s Cherry, Bigsby, Custom Made Plate, Murphy Lab Light Aged

This Light-Aged 60s Cherry version features the same authentic details as its sibling in Vintage Burst, including sharp horn cutaways, a medium C-shaped neck, and vintage-style electronics, all presented in a Lifton black and yellow hardshell case for the complete vintage experience.

Gibson Custom 1958 Korina Explorer (White Pickguard), Ebony, Murphy Lab Light Aged

The 1958 Korina Explorer™ from Gibson Custom revisits the groundbreaking Explorer design in an elegant Ebony finish with gold hardware for a “tuxedo” look, marking the first application of Murphy Lab aging to the Korina Explorer and Flying V™ models since the limited Collector’s Edition reissues debuted in 2021. This refined Explorer boasts an ABR-1 bridge, Lightweight Aluminum Stop Bar tailpiece, unpotted Custombucker pickups, and a 2-piece Korina body and neck, complete with a historically accurate case adorned with a classic brown exterior and plush pink interior.

Gibson Custom 1958 Korina Flying V (White Pickguard), Ebony, Murphy Lab Light Aged

Just like the Explorer above, this new Murphy Lab Light Aged Flying V takes a much-loved Korina blueprint and gives it the “tuxedo” treatment with an Ebony finish and gold hardware. Again, it features a Vintage 50s neck profile, Custombucker pickups with True Historic Aged Gold covers, and a historically accurate case.

Gibson Custom 1962 Les Paul SG Custom, Classic White, Short Maestro, Ebony Block, Murphy Lab Light Aged, Exclusive

The Ebony Block Vibrola tailpiece distinguishes the 1962 Les Paul SG Custom, a feature specific to that year’s SG™ Standards and Customs, marking a distinct moment in Gibson’s history. This Gibson Custom model, enhanced with Murphy Lab Light Aging, boasts gold-plated hardware, a “Les Paul Custom” truss rod cover, Grover® tuners, and three unpotted Custombucker pickups, offering a perfect mix of historical detail and premium quality.

Gibson Custom 1962 Les Paul SG Standard, Cherry, Short Maestro, Ebony Block, Murphy Lab Light Aged, Exclusive

Like its sibling, the Custom, this new 1962 Les Paul SG Standard model is distinguished by its unique Ebony Block Vibrola™ tailpiece, highlighting a specific moment in Gibson SG history that bridged the transition away from Les Paul branding. Again, we find features such as Murphy Lab Light Aging, a “Les Paul” truss rod cover, Kluson tuners, and unpotted Custombucker pickups, marrying historical accuracy with exceptional quality.

Gibson Les Paul Modern Lite, Exclusive, TV Pelham Blue

Our final new arrival is arguably the dark horse of the set: the Les Paul Modern Lite in TV Pelham Blue from Gibson’s USA craftory. This beauty offers a fresh take on the classic Les Paul design, featuring a new, slimmer all-mahogany body for enhanced balance and comfort, complete with a ribcage contour. Boasting a fast-playing SlimTaper™ mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard, the Les Paul Modern Lite is equipped with open-coil 490R and 498T humbucker pickups, delivering versatile tones suitable for any music genre, all packaged in an easily portable softshell case.

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