Gibson Custom 1965 Non-Reverse Firebird V 12-string
| April 30, 2024 |

Introducing the Gibson Custom 1965 Non-Reverse Firebird V 12-String Reissue

Featuring improved neck dimensions, an authentic VOS Aqua Mist finish, and Firebird pickups with Alnico 5 magnets

Gibson Custom has announced an exciting new addition to its lineup: the 1965 Non-Reverse Firebird™ V 12-String Reissue, a stunning recreation of the highly collectible 1965 model which retains all the charm and distinctive features of the original, but includes significant enhancements that modern musicians will appreciate.

For this reissue, Gibson Custom listened to player feedback and adjusted the nut width to 1 11/16″ inches, a feature that offers much more comfortable 12-string playability compared to the narrower nut dimensions of the original. This thoughtful modification caters to modern musicians’ needs while preserving the guitar’s classic aesthetic and feel.

The Firebird V also boasts a stunning Aqua Mist VOS finish, inspired by the 1959 Oldsmobile color chart, which historically has influenced several iconic Gibson custom colors. Equipped with Firebird pickups with Alnico 5 magnets, the 1965 Non-Reverse Firebird V 12-String Reissue delivers a nostalgic and refreshingly vibrant sound. It offers all the sparkle, jangle, and chime you’d expect from a premium Gibson Custom 12-string model.

1965 Non-Reverse Firebird V 12-String Reissue with a MESA/Boogie® California Tweed™ Amplifier

The rich legacy of the 12-string electric guitar

Since the mid-1960s, the 12-string electric guitar has been a cornerstone of popular music. Iconic bands such as The Beatles and The Byrds popularized its use, captivated by its rich, shimmering sound that added depth and harmonic interest to their musical compositions. The electric 12-string’s distinctive jangle has become synonymous with an era of musical innovation and remains a sought-after sound for players and producers today.

Gibson’s iconic EDS-1275 has starred on many classic recordings and concert stages the world over, but for those who prefer to play a 12-string electric guitar without a six-string attached to it, the introduction of the 1965 Non-Reverse Firebird V 12-String Reissue by Gibson Custom offers a chance to own an instrument that is guaranteed to turn heads because of its looks as well as its sound.

Get your jangle on with a 1965 Non-Reverse Firebird V 12-String Reissue and a fresh set of strings.