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Everything You Need to Know About the Gibson Garage

An inside look at Gibson Brands’ flagship Nashville store and an interview with Jordan Sromek, Director of the Gibson Garage

Gibson Garage

What is the Gibson Garage, you ask? If you’re a guitar enthusiast, you’ve likely heard of the Gibson Garage, but we’d like to give you a comprehensive look at our baby. This unique retail space is the flagship store for Gibson Brands, a name synonymous with handcrafted American-made guitars. Situated in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, the Gibson Garage is a must-see destination for players and fans alike. We like to think it’s the best guitar shop in Nashville—and she turns two years old on June 9th—also the birthdate of the legendary Les Paul.

In celebration of the second anniversary, we’re hosting GIBSON GARAGE FEST! It’s an open-to-the-public event, and here’s the schedule:


2:00-4:00 PM Dave Mustaine autograph signing event.* 


2:00 PM Live music performances all day and night—kick-off with music from the Gibson Garage team: Jenna Weidner, Dylan Jenkins, Shane Hunt, Scott Wasnak, John Wohlford, and Matt Boyer.

3:00 PM Dani Rose (Honey County)

4:00 PM Vincent Mason

5:00 PM Dawson Anderson (Temecula Road)

7:00 PM Garage Private Party (media RSVP required)

7:15 PM Devon Thompson

8:00 PM Emily Wolfe

9:00 PM VIP supergroup 


2:00 PM All-day live music performances

2:00 PM Notes4Notes Kids Jam

3:00 PM Whitney Miller

4:00 PM Mackenzie Porter

5:00 PM Adeem the Artist 


10:00 AM All-day live music performances and events

10:00 AM Donuts and Jam with Charlie Worsham. Charlie Worsham acoustic performance, meet & greet/photos. Donuts and coffee served.

11:30 AM Gibson Gives Foundation + Free Guitars 4 Kids event (parking lot)—Gibson Gives and Gibson artists will be onsite gifting 200 guitars to FG4K youth members.

2:00 PM Kapali Long

3:00 PM Cassandra Lewis  

4:00 PM Mya Byrne  

5:00 PM Ashley Cooke 

*Dave Mustaine signing at the Garage will sign any Gibson Brands guitar as well as a special limited edition poster which will be offered onsite only.

When Was the Gibson Garage Established?

Gibson Brands, the iconic American guitar manufacturer, has been a cornerstone of the music industry for over a century. Known for models like the Les Paul, SG, and the ES-335, Gibson guitars have been played by many legendary musicians. 

In 2021, Gibson opened the Gibson Garage in the heart of Nashville. This immersive retail space is in Cummins Station, a historic railway station transformed into a vibrant mixed-use development. It’s within walking distance of downtown Nashville and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

To explore the area around the Gibson Garage, visit our website, where you’ll find links to discover other nearby attractions to enhance your visit to Music City under the section labeled “Location.” For your very own guitar safari, here’s a printable map of destinations near the Gibson Garage that we think you’ll enjoy.

Do You Want to Experience the Gibson Garage?

Upon entering the Gibson Garage, you’ll instantly realize this isn’t your average guitar store. This 8,000-square-foot space is a celebration of all things Gibson. The store features an extensive range of legacy-rich Gibson, Epiphone, and Kramer guitars, including custom models, one-of-a-kind originals, and artist collaborations.

We spoke with the Gibson Garage Director, Jordan Sromek, to get the scoop on the Garage experience and the upcoming second-anniversary celebration. Here’s what he had to say:

Tell us about Garage Fest. What are some notable aspects of that event?

The Gibson Garage Fest is a celebration of Gibson’s past, present, and future of shaping sound through generations and genres of music. Gibson Garage Fest is open to the public and will feature intimate, live music performances and experiences daily at the Gibson Garage. [See the itinerary at the top of this article for more details.]

How do you feel about the 2nd-anniversary milestone for the Garage? What have been some of the highs and lows in reaching that goal?

I am very proud of the Garage team for the passion and commitment they bring every day. We all understand our roles as brand ambassadors and the responsibility we have in ensuring that every artist and fan that comes into the Garage is provided with the most unforgettable experience. Reflecting on all we have accomplished these past two years only gets me that much more excited for what’s in store at the Garage going forward!  

What was your favorite event that the Garage has hosted so far? 

So many to choose from! We have had the privilege to host everything from an intimate seated dinner with Emmylou Harris to a Pre-Draft Party with the Tennessee Titans to a Gibson Gives event with Alex Lifeson. But the one that always comes to mind is the last performance on the last day of our 1st Annual Garage Fest. Marcus King absolutely brought the house down with a killer performance for a packed Garage full of fellow artists, fans, and industry partners. 

What sets the Garage apart from other venues for those occasions?

Our artists have the same reaction as our guests—truly blown away by all aspects of the Garage. The guitar conveyor, the marquee Gibson sign, the stage, the Made-to-Measure wood wall, and last but not least—our Showroom, which is also home to our Vault.

The Gibson Garage also showcases Gibson’s acoustic instruments, including Gibson Acoustic J-45, Hummingbird, and J-200 models, as well as other legendary models from Gibson’s Original and Modern Collections.

What Can I Do and See at the Gibson Garage?

The Gibson Garage is designed to be a hands-on, interactive experience. Visitors can test drive guitars and obtain advice from knowledgeable Garage Pros. The store also hosts regular live performances and events, adding an element of entertainment to the shopping experience, so if you’re interested in hosting your next event at The Gibson Garage, contact us to plan a one-of-a-kind experience.

Virtual and Custom Shop Offerings

For those who can’t make it to Nashville, the Gibson Garage offers a virtual 3D shopping experience where customers can explore and shop the store online. For those seeking something unique, the store’s Made-to-Measure program allows customers to collaborate with Garage Pros to design their dream guitars. You can even schedule an online consultation with our Repair & Restoration experts if you need guidance (Please note, this request does not go to the techs at the Garage—it goes directly to the R&R facility). This free service matches players with Gibson’s team of professional techs in real-time to cover basic tune-ups for any instrument we manufacture.

Our interview with the Gibson Garage Director, Jordan Sromek, continues:

What is the rarest piece of Gibson’s history on display at the Garage?

We feature a 1907 Harp Guitar in the Acoustic Room that was built by Orville Gibson. 

What display piece attracts visitors the most or generates the most comments?

The main display case under the marquee sign, which showcases Gibson’s history—refreshed monthly—ranging from vintage acoustics & mandolins, artist prototypes, and Certified Vintage guitars. 

What riff do you guys hear the most these days as people try out guitars?

Sweet Child O’ Mine, Everlong, Crazy Train, and Master of Puppets. 

Most unique M2M build?

Antique Pelham Blue Flying V.

How does a customer begin the process of ordering a custom build?

Connecting with a Garage Pro, entering the Custom Shop, reviewing our wood library, hand-selecting their wood top, selecting the color finish and hardware, along with the option of selecting Murphy Lab aging. 

What are the advantages of working directly with a Garage Pro?

We feel that our Garage Pros are some of the most knowledgeable brand ambassadors in the world. They are available to educate, entertain, and, hopefully, build long-lasting relationships with our artists and fans.  

Approximately how much guitar inventory is in the store on a given day?

We have over 400 guitars on hand every day—most of which are featured on the Garage floor.

Want to Visit Us?

The Gibson Garage is more than just a store—it’s a celebration of Gibson’s rich history, a hub for live music and musical exploration, and a destination where guitar enthusiasts’ dreams can come true. Whether you’re a professional musician, an amateur guitarist, or just a music lover, a visit to the Gibson Garage is sure to be a cool experience.

Our Address at Cummins Station and Attractions in the Surrounding Area

209 10th Ave S, Suite 209

Nashville, TN 37203

Mon-Sat 11am-6pm, Sun 12-6pm

(615) 933-6000

Learn more at Gibson.com—follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

Cummins Station is located in the heart of downtown Nashville, Tennessee, which is a bustling area filled with music, culture, and history. Here are some useful things to know about the area:

Enjoy a printable map of guitar-related attractions near the Gibson Garage.

Music: As you might expect in a city often called “Music City,” Nashville’s downtown area is a hub for all kinds of music. It’s home to the famous “Honky Tonk Highway,” a section of Broadway filled with bars and clubs featuring live country music. Close to Cummins Station, you’ll also find the historic Ryman Auditorium, a music venue that’s been hosting performances since 1892, and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

Culture: The downtown area is filled with arts and culture. The Frist Art Museum, the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, and the Schermerhorn Symphony Center are all within walking distance of Cummins Station. Our orchestra wins Grammy® Awards, folks—14 out of 27 nominations!

History: History lovers will appreciate the many historical sites nearby. The Tennessee State Capitol, the Tennessee State Museum, and the Nashville Public Library, which hosts local history collections, are all located in the downtown area.

Food and Shopping: Downtown Nashville is filled with dining and shopping options. From local boutiques to popular chains, there’s something for everyone. And when it comes to food, you’ll find everything from traditional Southern cuisine to creative fusion fare.

Green Spaces: Despite being in the city center, you’re never too far from a park in downtown Nashville. The Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park, a 19-acre park with stunning views of the State Capitol, is located near Cummins Station.

Transportation: The downtown area is well-served by public transportation, including buses and the Music City Star commuter rail service. For those who prefer to drive, there are also plenty of parking options.

Hotels: An exclusive Gibson Guitars Stay Package is available at the Four Seasons Hotel Nashville. Details are here.