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Gibson Certified Vintage Drops Five Iconic Epiphones

Epiphone’s 150th Anniversary celebrated with a first-year Casino, a 1962 Texan, and more

In celebration of 150 years of Epiphone, Gibson Certified Vintage presents this curated batch of vintage instruments which includes some of the most iconic and storied models in Epiphone history. Over the decades, these models have been favored by legendary artists, including Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and Noel Gallagher, among many others.

In particular, the Epiphone Casino and Texan are some of the most-heard guitars in the history of popular music, and no collection of iconic vintage guitars would be complete without one of each. The stellar quintet is rounded out with the raucous solidbody attitude of the Coronet, the beautiful Western motifs of the Frontier, and the low-end authority of the Rivoli Bass. Classics all—available to own via the Gibson Certified Vintage program.

1961 E230TD CASINO

This 1961 E230TD Casino comes from the first year of production and is a true original with the “Bikini Badge” headstock plaque that was only featured that year. It features all of the Casino’s earliest appointments, including black P-90 covers, a single-ply tortoiseshell pickguard, and dot inlays. 

This Casino is in excellent overall condition, showing only light play wear and lacquer checking throughout. There are no modifications, and the guitar was never drilled for a second strap button. Its original case is lost to time, so it includes a highly protective SKB hardshell case.


The FT-110 has a long history with Epiphone, dating back to 1939. After Gibson President Ted McCarty purchased Epiphone in 1957, it was resurrected in 1958 as the square-shoulder FT-110 Frontier. As its namesake would imply, it became a place for sonic and design exploration throughout the 1960s. Its dreadnought body and rope-and-cactus pickguard served as inspiration for the Gibson Hummingbird and Dove. Over the course of its initial run, which ended in 1970, the Frontier evolved with an adjustable-saddle bridge, narrower nut width, and longer headstock.

This particular 1969 Frontier comes from the Gibson Garage Vault in all-original, excellent condition with a Sunburst finish and light play-wear and lacquer checking. It features the iconic rope-and-cactus pickguard, and the only modification is the addition of a second strap button at the heel. It includes its original black chipboard case with a red interior


Although the Coronet was introduced by Epiphone in 1959 as a reliable entry-level instrument, it wasn’t long before influential players across generations, including Steve Marriott, Johnny Marr, Del Shannon, and Ace Frehley, sought out its signature Cherry finish, double-cut accessibility, and P-90-driven tone.

This instrument is in all-original condition, with some light bumps and dings throughout. The top bass side of the pickguard has cracked at the screw hole, and the original Cherry finish has begun to fade on the top and the back of the neck. There are no modifications to this 1961 Coronet, and since its original case has been lost to time, it ships with a modern EpiLite™ case.


Nearly everyone can instantly recall the sound of the opening chords of The Beatles’ “Yesterday,” and that is the sound of the Epiphone Texan. This beloved slope-shoulder dreadnought acoustic has also been played by Graham Nash, Noel Gallagher, Ben Gibbard, and Peter Frampton, among others—a testament to its sonic pedigree.

This 1962 model comes from the Gibson Vault in all-original, excellent condition with a Natural finish and slight playwear throughout. It features the earlier, short, Kalamazoo-style headstock and was never drilled for a second strap button. Any collector will love the included original hang tags and original gray hardshell case with a blue interior. There are no modifications to this instrument.


Made on the same production line, the semi-hollow EB-232 Rivoli served as Epiphone’s version of the Gibson EB-2 bass and features the same specs as its counterpart with some minor aesthetic changes. The Rivoli came loaded with a Gibson Sidewinder pickup that puts out a whopping 32k ohms and a push-button “baritone” switch that cuts some of the bass frequencies.

Discovered in the Gibson Vault, this 1967 EB-232 Rivoli is in very good overall condition. There is a slight warp on the pickguard and small dings and lacquer checking throughout. There are no modifications to this instrument, and it ships with its original gray hardshell case with a blue interior.

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Come for the instruments—stay for the Customer Service and peace of mind that comes from new Limited Lifetime Warranties, Certificates of Authenticity, and detailed Letters of Appraisal. The purchased instrument will be available for examination and pickup at the Gibson Garage in Nashville or shipment to an address in the USA starting December 14, 2023.

About the Gibson Certified Vintage Program  

The Gibson Certified Vintage Program, a testament to Gibson’s longstanding legacy and expertise, presents collectors with an extraordinary opportunity to own authentically certified, exceptional instruments. This history-making initiative allows guitar enthusiasts to acquire a piece of musical heritage, uniquely sourced and authenticated by Gibson, accompanied by an array of exclusive extras.

The inclusion of Epiphone guitars in this latest program underscores that brand’s lasting impact on music and culture, evident in their historic use by icons we all know and love. The meticulous certification process employed by Gibson guarantees the vintage quality of each instrument, ensuring that collectors acquire not just a guitar but a tangible piece of musical history—and a tremendous buying experience to boot!

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