Gibson Rosewood Standard acoustic guitars
| April 2, 2024 |

Gibson Elevates its J-45, SJ-200, and Hummingbird Standard Models With Rosewood Backs and Sides

The Gibson acoustic guitars you know and love, now with the rich sonic and aesthetic allure of rosewood

For decades, the Gibson J-45™, SJ-200, and Hummingbird™ have provided the soundtrack to our lives, from campfire sing-alongs to concert stages, radio broadcasts, and workout playlists. Now these familiar Standards are available with a new twist: beautiful rosewood backs and sides, bringing a richer bass response and greater harmonic complexity to the mix.

Crafted in Bozeman, Montana, Gibson’s new Rosewood Standard models honor the legacy of its acoustic line and usher in a new era of sonic and aesthetic beauty. With their rich tones, superb craftsmanship, and instant stage readiness, these guitars are testaments to Gibson’s enduring excellence.

From the precise construction to the aesthetic details, these are instruments designed to inspire. The solid Sitka spruce tops ensure a responsive and vibrant tone that promises to mature beautifully with age, much like the finest wines. Rosewood adds visual allure and deepens each guitar’s sonic footprint, offering a rich, immersive playing experience. Equipped with L.R. Baggs™ electronics, these guitars are stage-ready and offer crystal-clear amplification possibilities faithful to their natural acoustic sound.

The iconic aesthetic of the Gibson J-45 is elevated here with rosewood back and sides

J-45 Standard Rosewood: the Workhorse reimagined

Since debuting in 1942, Gibson’s all-time best-selling acoustic guitar has earned its nickname, “The Workhorse.” As a pivotal model in Gibson’s round-shoulder dreadnought collection, we’re excited to introduce the latest J-45 Standard Rosewood iteration. Along with a rosewood back and sides, the guitar is equipped with an L.R. Baggs VTC under-saddle pickup and preamp system, ensuring it’s ready for both studio and stage straight from the case.

SJ-200 Standard Rosewood: the return of a legend

The Gibson SJ-200, celebrated globally as the pinnacle of acoustic guitars and aptly named the “King of the Flat-Tops,” is traditionally known for its maple construction. However, the earliest versions were crafted with rosewood, and the launch of the SJ-200 Standard Rosewood sees the material reintroduced to this iconic flat-top, paired with a Sitka spruce top.

The mahogany neck features a rosewood fretboard complete with elegant graduated crown mother-of-pearl inlays. The SJ-200 also boasts a two-bar moustache bridge, TUSQ® bridge pins, saddle, and nut, along with gold Grover® Imperial™ tuners. It’s equipped with the L.R. Baggs Anthem active under-saddle pickup and microphone system, which delivers exceptional sound quality for live performances and studio recordings.

The Gibson SJ-200 Standard Rosewood’s beautiful rosewood back

Hummingbird Standard Rosewood: versatility in design

The Gibson Hummingbird™ stands out for its iconic looks and exceptional versatility, perfect for both rhythm guitarists and lead players alike. The new Hummingbird Standard Rosewood model’s rosewood back and sides enrich both its low-frequency response and the complexity of its overtones.

The mahogany neck features a rounded profile for comfort and is adorned with mother-of-pearl parallelogram inlays for a classic aesthetic. Other specifications include a TUSQ® nut, saddle, bridge pins, gold Grover® Rotomatic® tuners, and the signature Hummingbird graphics on the pickguard. Like the J-45, it’s equipped with L.R. Baggs VTC electronics and is ready for the stage right out of the box.

The Gibson Hummingbird Standard Rosewood brings a new sonic flavor to a rock ’n’ roll icon

All three Rosewood Standards are available in left-handed configurations, and Gibson includes a hardshell case with each guitar, ensuring these beautiful musical instruments are protected for years to come.

What’s the historical significance of Gibson flat-top acoustic guitars?

Gibson’s journey into acoustic guitar prominence began in the early 20th century by introducing models that set standards for excellence and innovation. The L-1, launched in the 1920s, was among the first to gain popularity, but the introduction of the round-shouldered J-45 model in 1942 cemented Gibson’s reputation with acoustic players. This guitar, known for its balanced tone and versatility, became a favorite among musicians for its robust sound and durability.

Gibson’s legacy is also one of innovation. The company has been at the forefront of many design and technical advancements that have shaped the acoustic guitar industry. Introduced in the 1930s, the Super Jumbo (SJ) series, including the legendary SJ-200, offered players unprecedented volume and presence, quickly becoming a staple on stage and in the studio.

Introduced in 1960, the Hummingbird further showcased Gibson’s commitment to combining aesthetic beauty with musical functionality. Its distinctive decorations, versatile sound, and square-shouldered design made it an instant classic.

The rich legacy of Gibson acoustic guitars

Gibson acoustic guitars have played pivotal roles in the sounds of blues, folk, country, and rock, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape. Bob Dylan, Woody and Arlo Guthrie, Donovan, The Everly Brothers, Elvis Presley, Jimmy Page, Cat Stevens, Elvis Costello, Emmylou Harris, John Hiatt, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Buddy Holly are just some of the legendary names who created timeless music with a Gibson acoustic in hand—and this continues today with modern pop icons such as Olivia Rodrigo dominating the charts with a Gibson acoustic in hand.

Over the decades, Gibson acoustic guitars have not merely been musical instruments; they have been the companions of revolutionaries, storytellers, and icons, shaping the soundtrack for generations. Their distinctive timbres have traversed the diverse terrains of almost every genre, contributing significantly to the evolution and fusion of popular music as we know it today.

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