Rex Brown, famous for his work with legendary metal bands Pantera and Down, plays his new Epiphone Thunderbird Bass guitar.
| January 16, 2024 |

Announcing the First Epiphone Signature Model From Legendary Bassist Rex Brown

The Pantera legend brings his own unique touches to this stylish rock-ready Epiphone Thunderbird

Epiphone is proud to release the first Epiphone Rex Brown signature model in partnership with the legendary musician Rex Brown, famous for his work with legendary metal bands Pantera and Down, his hard-rocking solo album, Smoke on This…, and more. 

The Epiphone Rex Brown Thunderbird Bass features a 9-ply neck-through-body mahogany and walnut neck with a C-shape profile, mahogany body wings, and a standard 34” scale length. It is powered by a pair of Epiphone ProBucker™ 760 bass pickups, which feature nickel covers that complement the otherwise all-gold hardware. 

The passive electronics have two volume controls and a master tone control that feature smooth CTS® potentiometers. The gold pickguard bears the famous Thunderbird logo, and on the back of the headstock, Rex’s signature is reproduced, while the rear control cover features a Rex Brown logo doodle. A hardshell case is also included.

Rex Brown is celebrated for his dynamic stage performances and significant contributions to rock and metal through his involvement with bands like Pantera and Down, as well as his powerful solo album. He stands out as a rhythmic force driven by a deep passion for bass playing. 

Rex’s career is marked by his role as the foundational rhythm provider for one of the most legendary bands of all time. He is now making a resounding entrance into Epiphone’s core lineup. We are excited to collaborate with such a pivotal figure in metal music to introduce the Rex Brown Signature Thunderbird Bass to the world.

We caught up with Rex for a quick interview about his new bass, his career, and the future of metal. 

Congratulations on the release of your new Epiphone Signature Thunderbird Bass. Following on from the Gibson model, was it important to you that fans could get hold of a Rex Brown Thunderbird at a more accessible price point?

“Sometimes it’s not about the price, but the quality. Also, Epiphone has some of the coolest bass designs ever made, in my opinion.” 

 Have you always been a fan of the Thunderbird design? What about the Thunderbird speaks to you as an artist?  

“I’ve had Thunderbirds as long as I can remember. There is nothing cooler looking than a T-Bird. All my favorite bass players growing up have played them, from Tom Hamilton to Pete Way. These fuckers rule, you fool!” 

How does the Epiphone version compare with the Gibson, and what were the essential features that the Epiphone model needed to have in order to suit your playing style and nail your favorite tones? Have you found yourself playing the Epiphone version on stage? 

“I worked really hard with the Epiphone guys to design something that has never been done before! The pickups were made by Richard Akers, who has been with Gibson for 40-plus years. We put the same thumpers that were in the ’76 Anniversary T-Birds; passive and deadly!”

As one of the pioneers of heavy rock music, how do you feel about the landscape of metal today?

“I think that hard rock and metal, which have been around for all these years, come in waves. Even before Philip and I got together two years ago, I could feel the pulse long before that. Because of the record business selling everyone short for the last 20 years, I think it’s stronger than ever now. Regardless of what people say, metal, as a genre, will never fade!”

What would be your number-one piece of advice for aspiring young musicians?

“Find some cats that like the same music you do, and take a chance! You’ve gotta believe in yourself, regardless of what anybody else does.”

You’ve been involved in a variety of different bands and projects over the years. What’s next for Rex Brown?

“What’s next for Rex Brown? You’re gonna have to watch the ride, baby! I certainly feel like I have a lot more to say, musically and otherwise!”

Check out the heavy metal legend’s smokin’ new signature bass