Jared James Nichols Dorothy Les Paul
| April 25, 2024 |

The Story of Dorothy: Jared James Nichols’ 1952 Les Paul Goldtop

Watch this interview with Jared James Nichols to hear the incredible story of this vintage Gibson guitar—and hear Dorothy in action

In this clip from the Gibson Gear Guide, Jared James Nichols shares the story of how his incredible Les Paul Goldtop survived a tornado and landed, mud-caked and neckless, in a fan’s front yard. Named as a nod to The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy still sounds absolutely incredible even after all these years—albeit after some serious cleaning and restoration at the hands of Joel Wilkins of JW Guitar Restorations.

Watch as Jared discusses the features that make Dorothy a real treasure when it comes to Gibson Les Pauls, including its original bridge pickup with diagonal height-adjustment screws—a rare component found only on the first 100 or so Les Pauls from 1952.

Listen as Jared explains the work involved in restoring Dorothy to its former glory, from the forensic precision used to graft a new neck and fingerboard from old mahogany and Brazilian rosewood, to finding ways to preserve the guitar’s battle-scars while making sure it was still playable, ensuring the vintage mojo was still present.

Best of all, Jared plays the guitar and shows us how it sounds, and yes—it sounds very good indeed. Don’t miss the extraordinary story of Dorothy, a Les Paul that plays as beautifully as the day it was made, against all odds.

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